At long last, the a little taste of the upcoming Hunches album, Exit Dreams (cover art above). Listen to "Swim Hole" on the band's Myspace page.

It's a hot one, but not even a hint of the absolutely staggering weight and depth of the album, which I've had the good fortune to not only hear, but to be present in the studio at times during it's lengthy creation. As such, I can assure you that Exit Dreams is a total fucking monster, which is going to absolutely stupify audiences, who, after braving the amazing concoction on their home stereos, will then go on to learn the band is breaking up. It's practically criminal.

But for now, just have a listen to the nice little fuzzy pop preview and prepare yourself for the deep-water experiments and crushing ballads to come. Exit Dreams, along with a vinyl-only companion Home Alone 5 drops in January on In The Red.