Unless you want deny Tiny Tim his fat Christmas goose, you'll pry upon your wallet and purchase the new We Rock for Food compilation. Consisting of 15 bands on eight different local labels—and available at Everyday Music on Sandy, Tender Loving Empire, and Music Millenium—the compilation has a goal of raising $2000 for the Oregon Food Bank. That would equal 1600 meals for their needy recipients.

The full list of bands is right here: Boy Eats Drum Machine, the Slip-Its, Mean Jeans, Church, Future Historians, Power of County, The Plankton Beat, Jared Mees and the Grown Children, New York Rifles, No Go Know, DoublePlusGood, Chris Tsefalas, Blue Skies for Black Hearts, This Fair City and Super XX Man. For more info, visit the Union Records site.