In searching for an image to accompany a piece on the excellent new EP from the Chicharones, I came across this:


Could this be the greatest band photo ever?

I assume it is from a video shoot (Yes, the video camera was what tipped me off, and that is why I am a professional journalist.), but words can't accurately describe the loving interaction between Sleep (Mario the plumber) and fellow emcee Josh Martinez (Luigi?). Plus, lord only knows what is going with that busty fellow in the back. Is that supposed to be Princess Toadstool?

NES obsessions aside, the Chicharones' Swine Country EP hints at great things for the hiphop duo on their upcoming Summer release, Sow Side Story. Vocal heavy and seldom chained to the beat/rhymes/beat template of most hiphop jams, songs like "The Put Out" and "Taco Wagon" (with backing music suspiciously similar to Robert Sharp's "Unchain My Heart") are unabashedly pop music. It's a nice extension of the Chicharones sound, and hopefully a sign of what is to come.


The Chicharones - "Taco Wagon"