In light of the ridiculous "Not Enough 21+ Shows" nonsense in the WW last week, let's talk some PDX Pop Now!.

First PPN! went all non-profit on us—there goes my theory that all the cash went straight up their volunteer's noses—and now the all-age music champions have recently received a project grant courtesy of the Regional Arts & Culture Council. While not quite flush with cash (No gold-plated stage for you!), it's a nice sign to see PPN! get some monetary love for all their hard work.

And while we are talking about the festival, it's time for your band to get out there and apply:

For those interested in submitting music for consideration for inclusion on the compilation, the process is now easier than ever. Once on the submissions page of the PDX Pop Now! website, artists can make a submission online through a simple mp3 upload, a process no more difficult than attaching a file to an email. The submission form can now also be filled out online, though it will need to be printed, finished off with an old-fashioned hand-scrawled signature and mailed to PDX Pop Now! to complete the submission. Artists can still opt to mail in CDs of their music submissions if they prefer. February 29 is the deadline for song uploads, while all release forms are due by March 15. The PDX Pop Now! mailing address, submission guidelines and all other pertinent info can be found on the submissions page.

Good luck.