For all those musicians who decided to dive headfirst into the creative sound established by Jesus and Mary Chain, few seemed to ever do it quite right. Sure, the shimmering mass of guitar noise generated by the brothers Reid is often seen as a major influence, but more often than not J&MC's pop sensibilities were lost in the shoegaze shuffle. I also thought Psychocandy was supposed to be closer to some lost Spector girl group than it was the Velvet Underground, or whatever seminal band they were accused of aping.

I think Glasvegas really understands this. Their self-titled debut borrows just enough from the J&MC catalog—and in all the right places—while refusing to cut ties with their Scottish roots. It's sort of like all the sadness of Frightened Rabbit and all the glorious noise of Honey's Dead.

Glasvegas - "Flowers And Football Tops"

Glasvegas performs at Doug Fir on Monday January 12th. Also look for an excellent piece on the band in our next issue. See that, kids? That's called a teaser. For more journalistic secrets—like teasers and yelling "stop the presses" constantly throughout the day—rent this movie.