The Starfucker boys are have a little contest for all you would-be fashion designers and t-shirt connoisseurs. Design a t-shirt for the band (preferably one-color) by February 1st, send it to this address, and if you are the winner you will see your design on sale—for one night only—at their Valentine's Day show at the Wonder Ballroom. But I don't know why any of you bother, since my totally awesome Hypercolor design is surely going to win.

The winning entry (definitely not me) will receive a pair of tickets to that show, some free shirts with your design on it, and (probably) numerous trips to the local band kissing booth that will be in full effect that night. Possibly featured in that booth, members of opening acts Strength, Explode Into Colors, and Dirty Mittens. Bring some lip balm and mints, because with all that kissing you better be prepared.