(Man, how many times has that been said? )

Headed tonight to the Doug Fir, but for different reasons the Ned, who makes his Glasvegas case below. I'm going to see former Libertine/Dirty Pretty Thing Carl Barat. I'll make no bother of all the comparisons, tabloid garage and just say that while I'm less interested than I once was, there's still a little something scratching in there.

Barat's post-Libertine group, Dirty Pretty Things, were catchy but haven't warn especially well. He towed the company line pretty hard, not stepping out to try anything especially new or challenging. Unsure of whether tonight's performance is solo or what, but if the attached video is any indication, dude can go it alone quite well. That said, I am in no mood to hear a Libertines song tonight. That ship sailed long ago and still trudging through them on stage would be a pretty shameless cash-in. Or a signal that this is the last time you'll hear from the guy. But hey, I hope for better, and I'm going with an open mind.