1.) A follow-up to yesterday's post: Carl Barat was a goddamn train wreck last night, opening for Glasvegas. The former Libertine stepped out solo, with an electric guitar, and proceeded to stumble lifelessly through the well worn songs of his long-past former band. Let it rest, that ship sailed years ago.

A shameless cash-in or a very sad man. Or both? And on this note, has anyone ever successfully performed solo with an electric guitar? (Barat failed to even re-interpret the songs for solo performance, instead poorly playing the simple solo licks, flailing in a sea of emptiness.) From experience I know that solo songs with a loud electric guitar are an incredibly difficult sell. Acoustic guitars create a different rhythm, and seem to mesh better with a lone voice. The delicacy of a lone performer is heightened. Plus if the audience isn't really interested, it's much easier to disregard, tune out, or talk over the acoustic show. Loud electric guitar almost forces attention, which isn't always deserved.

Of course, I'm sure someone has pulled it off, although I can't think of who. Can you?

2.) Despite whatever qualms I have with Kelefa Sanneh for his godawful piece on "Rockists," he's come through with a mighty fine profile of Will Oldham for the New Yorker. It ought to kill a good few minutes at work for sure, and if you're fairly uninitiated with Oldham's work, as I am, it'll get the saliva glands running.