Photo: Meijo

Holy smokes! The mighty Viva Voce duo of Anita and Kevin Robinson are doubling in size. Twins on the way? Or did they decide to just stop caring and get fat? (What? Indie rock needs a Tad.) Actually it's neither of those things, the band has added a pair of new members.

Press release, explain:

Viva Voce rises like a Phoenix in 2009. Swearing off forever being a two-piece band, Anita and Kevin Robinson have added two of Portland's best and will unveil a new record in the coming months. Notably more angular songs than the previous Get Yr Blood Sucked Out, Viva Voce set out to perform the new tunes on a spring tour, ending with a Portland homecoming a year in the making.

Let's meet the new Vivas: You might recognize Evan Railton from Blue Giant—the Robinson's other band—and Corrina Repp from Tu Fawning, plus her numerous solo recordings as well. So, if you are keeping score at home (I really hope you are), that would make two all-star bands for the Robinsons. The new lineup (Viva Voce 2.0?) will make their Portland debut at the Aladdin Theater on March 28th.