mirah.jpgPhoto: Steven Dewall

Stereogum has a brand new track from Mirah and her new record, (a)spera. Out on March 12th, the album finds Mirah—or is it now (M)irah?—once again working with Phil Elverum on a few tracks (the same combination behind the flawless Advisory Committee, among others), plus a handful of notable Portlanders (Tucker Martine, Adam Selzer, Chris Funk, Tara Jane O'Neil) and Spectratone International cellist Lori Goldston.


Mirah - "Gone Are The Days"

What a lovely song. I wonder what it's about? Love? Cuddling? Kittens? Um, perhaps not.

"...that song is about the loss of industrious, bright energy, about the lethargy that modern life and technology has introduced to our lives, about the forceful human greed to which so many planetary resources have been subject, it's about loss, and the struggle between wild perfect nature (perfectly wild, destructive even) and human control."

Oh, I was this close to guessing forceful human greed and planetary resources. Damn.