I told a friend I was going to see Department of Eagles tonight. "That's nice," he said, pretending to yawn. "I am going to fall asleep now."

Ha ha. You see, he thinks Department of Eagles are boring. Zing!

I don't think Department of Eagles are boring. In fact, moments of their recent of In Ear Park have given me chills, and I reckon the live show will be as good. Here's the band performing on a rooftop for Pitchfork:

Department of Eagles is college roommates Daniel Rossen and Fred Nicolaus. In this clip, they are joined by Rossen's Grizzly Bear bandmates Chris Taylor on bass and Chris Bear on drums, although Taylor won't be at tonight's show. (Instead, Matthew Million will play bass.) But I'm super amped about Bear's presence; he is one of my favorite drummers to watch even since the early days of seeing Earl Greyhound in NYC, and his clattering, spattering drumming at Grizzly Bear shows are the very definition of dynamic. With Rossen and Nicolaus' haunting, melodic songs and the band's wistful, echoey, spooky vibe, tonight's show promises to be anything but boring.


w/The Cave Singers; Doug Fir, 830 E Burnside, 9 pm, $14