Oh, it's so on.

Our big 'sis paper to the north is running a blog post about how disappointing Portland's record stores are. Jackpot, Millenium Music (sic), Everyday Music, and Mississippi Records were all called out. Jackpot got the worst of it:

Jackpot Records (both stores!) you were the worst offenders. I picked out a couple of albums I was interested in, and brought them to the front counter to listen to, only to be told, "We don't have a vinyl listening station."


WTF kind of used record shop doesn't allow you to listen to the vinyl to judge what shape the record is in? That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard come out of a record store clerks mouth. Ever. (And that's saying something as I used to go to Orpheum on Broadway all the time. Remember that doof?)

Even worse, when asked if he could put them on the system so I could hear them, he gave me this pained look, like, Wow! you want me to stop listening to this thrilling Iron and Wine album so you can put on some old 80's freestyle single?

"We don't do that," he said.

"Well," I said, "you can re-shelve these for me, 'cause I'm not buying them without hearing them first."

"Okay, I'll put them on," he grumbled as he sllllloooooowwwwwlllllyyyy turned down the record he was playing (yes, please! A decent fade out is needed when there's just 1 person in your store!) and put my track on.

It gave me great pleasure that both singles were crap and I decided not to buy them anyways.

Not to get into a full-blown music nerd throwdown here (Just imagine all the flailing, plus if anyone bleeds on my limited edition Sonic Youth Goo t-shirt, I'll cry.), but I've never found a single decent record in any Seattle store. Easy Street, Sonic Boom, that one place kind of by the Showbox = nothing.

But regardless, isn't not finding something you are searching for in an indie record store just part of the process? It's not supposed to be easy. They can't have everything, especially if you are crate digging for LPs (as opposed to just picking up the new Katy Perry CD at Best Buy). Whatever, at least our basketball team is better... oh, sorry... you don't have a team. Perhaps Oklahoma City has good record stores?