This one's a real stunner, especially for the basketball fans in our midst. Remember the great NBA on NBC theme song by John Tesh? Let me let Bill Simmons introduce it for you, as I stole the video from his page (something tells me we don't have an abundance of overlapping readers...?):

It's John Tesh performing on Catalina Island in 1997, only he's dressed like a waiter on a cruise ship and looks like a mutant James Van Der Beek. The clip starts with Tesh pontificating to the crowd, then playing a message that he left for himself with ... (wait for it) ... the original beats for the "NBA on NBC" music. I think he means to be ironic, but there's something non-ironic about his quest to be ironic. Again, he's dressed like a waiter on a cruise ship. And I thought the clip ended there, but no! At the 1:15 mark, Tesh starts emphatically dribbling an invisible basketball as the crowd applauds in rhythm — you heard me, air dribbling — then prances over to his real piano and bangs out the "NBA" song with a 25-person orchestra.

You know what happens next, my friends? Magic! That's what. Pay special attention to the violinist — I'm definitely hiring him for my second and fourth weddings.

Yeah, that violinist is pretty special—dude's got Revolutionary War gear, for some reason doesn't sit with the rest of the orchestra, looks like John Stamos and plays the piece as if it has ANY actual emotional relevance.

Also the part where he sings the song into his answering machine is awesome. Really gets into it. Made funnier perhaps, as I've done this a number of times. Got videos on my cell phone of this kind of crap, unfortunately when I do it I'm usually drunk and the idea sucks—it doesn't end up become a theme song people have heard millions of times. Dig it: