What is up. It is my pleasure to enter the scene as the first lady to contribute to this fine weblog. Ned and Ezra speculated that my feminine presence would probably make itself known via "doilies or something", so I figured I should throw one up for good measure.

From here, I will be posting strictly GOOD SHIT. True to my gender I will be keeping an ear out for all the ladies in music-making, and I thought I'd start with a song from one of my all-time faves: The Raincoats, an all-female post-punk band out of the UK.


The Raincoats- "Fairytale in the Supermarket"

The band turns 30 this year— they debuted in 1979 and released several albums over the next couple of decades, chock-full of high-pitched vocals, quirky drumbeats and expressive guitar riffs. Their influence can definitely be heard in the ensuing generation of punk and "alternative" rock, but the ladies weren't widely known until the advent of grunge, when Kurt Cobain spread the word by citing them as an inspiration, even asking them to join Nirvana on a US tour (which sadly never happened—y'know, he died).

PART DEUX of my time here will be dedicated reportage on the plethora of up-and-coming (or even just stationary) "underground music" being made in the garages and basements of this city & surrounding region. You know how you can sometimes hear your neighbors rehearsing, and sometimes it's really good? I'm gonna get you the details.

Here's a track from The Hunches, a group that just released their third record, Exit Dreams, on LA label In the Red— the self-described "top of the line in low-brow rock 'n' roll" and home to such national acts as Black Lips, The King Khan & BBQ Show, and craze-outta-Brooklyn the Vivian Girls.

Swimming in a sea of Converse!

I really dig this track from Exit Dreams. The raspy drawl and lazy guitar lick remind me of everything that's good about old-school Pixies, and the song builds up with that anthemic singalong vibe that makes me remember why I love music. "The chorus will catch me..." he sings. Yeah, that's about how I feel.


The Hunches - "Not Invited"
(Thanks to Christopher from the band)

Hope you enjoy—you'll be hearing from me!