Today I present to you, simply an awesome song:

Did you press play yet? If not, return to the start. Do not pass Go.

Now that we're on track, I'll give you the info I have, the band's name: Harlem Shakes. That's about it, really. You can check two other songs on their myspace. The others are pretty good but this one here—the one you're listening to RIGHT NOW—is a real keeper. It's called "Winter Water." Good chance we'll be hearing more from these dudes, I'll bet. But until Portland pops up on their tour schedule we're going to leave it cordial and vague.

While the song finishes, please have a look a few quality Twitters (I know, I didn't think it was possible either) from my man John, who hipped me to the track.

Sam Donaldson retiring. Says he'll be remembered for his voice. Sorry, Sam. It'll be the hair + the political insight of a naked mole-rat

Naming your event the Mass Non-Violent Climate Change Action seems like an unnecessary tempting of the gods of violent disobedience

My on-again off-again relationship with humanity is officially off. Give up your seat to the pregnant lady, jackass!

UPDATE: Download "Winter Water" here and put it on yr iPod.