I almost forgot! Thank you, sun. Hey, what are you doing this weekend?

Saturday, I'm gonna run a 5K race, then drink heck of mimosas and go see this house show. It's going to be so cool because a) the lineup consists entirely of rad local bands and b) proceeds go to the Palestine Children's Relief Fund. Not to get all political on your asses, but hells yeah those kids need some relief.

Total Bros and Fuck You Safari are two fairly new collaborations between various members of the house show circuit, sure to be noisy 'n fun. Headlining are doom-glam all-girl rockers Purple Rhinestone Eagle (pictured), a damn hardworking group about to launch a several month US tour. Catch 'em before they leave.

Jimi reincarnated?!

The band I'm real excited for is Nucular Animals (I swear that's how they spell it). Their synthy-pop doo-wop loveliness makes me forget there's still weeks left of winter, and their album (out on Seattle's awesome Aphonia Recordings, which specializes in "the more bizarre aspects of pop music") also has some darker-tinged tunes that I'm thinking will make for a rather entertaining performance.


Nucular Animals — La Dead a Bamba

Show details at PC-PDX.com. I'll be there. Now wish me luck on that 5K. If Fred and Toody can do it, dammit, so can I.