I was thinking. I was thinking that there is a unique status that belongs to bands that you don't hate, that don't make your blood boil with murderous rage (for me, for example, this would be Limp Bizkit...GRRR), but that you would be OK to never hear speak of again. I have solemnly concluded that one of these bands I feel this way about is Aerosmith, as implicated by their activity from around the Clinton years on.

I can't deny that the band did have a golden era, uniquely styling that early '70's feel with powerful jams like "Dream On" (later bastardized by Enimem...another one of my blood boilers). In the ensuing years they made some good videos (see above), and Steven Tyler made a real good-lookin' daughter.

But dammit, the world really did not need their cover of "Come Together", and that song from Armageddon continues to suck souls daily on soft-rock radio. Also, I am offended by the gratuitous amount of scarves that can be seen draped around Stephen Tyler's mic stand during live shows. Ultimately, I think it is the band's seemingly self-determined descent into standard, generic rock (new descriptor: generiROCK? Does that work?) that turned them into ghosts of themselves and makes me turn away in indifference.

Yeah, I could do without, forever. Sorry Aerosmith. What about y'all? Any bands you feel this way about?