Local music pony, and friend, pictured outside Holocene.

It's time to trot out the trusty local music pony and give a round-up of all the local music news not quite fit to print, yet still worthy of a mention in handy bullet-point form:

• The PDX Pop Now! festival is opening up their request lines and they want to hear from you. Yes, you.

As always, we’re looking for artists from the all genres comprising the city’s vibrant and varied music community — folk and rock, country and hip hop, jazz and electronic and so forth — and our booking committee does research and listen to every band requested, so every request counts.

Just don't be a dick and suggest your own band, okay?

- - -

• This is the item that local music pony is the most excited about, Lost Gospel is leading a "Horse Feathers Mounted Patrol" this Friday. You can take a tour of the police horse stables (shhhh, all those horses are snitches, so watch what you say), and then witness an acoustic performance from Horse Feathers. Horsies! The tour begins at 3pm, the music starts at 3:30 at the Mounted Patrol Unit / Police Horse Stables, 1362 NW Front Ave ( behind Union Station).

This is a much better than that time Lost Gospel blew up a Miller Paint store for Explode Into Colors. That was messed up.

- - -

• This is totally old news, but OPB Music is having a t-shirt design contest. This is perfect for all your out-of-work graphic designers, which, at last count, is pretty much every graphic designer I know. While the winning designer will not be paid in cash, the prizes include: "one or more of opbmusic’s DJs will be taking you and a friend out to dinner and a concert of your choice" plus they'll invite you into the studio for an "intimate session with a local or national band." If you had "dinning at Red Lobster with a public radio DJ" on your personal bucket list, now is the time for you to win this contest.

- - -

Viva Voce has released the first single from their new record, Rose City (out on May 26th), and it's called "Devotion," and sounds a bit like the Cure, but back when they were still good. Not their current state, where Robert Smith looks like a post-menopausal woman. Ouch.

Viva Voce - "Devotion"