Back in early January, I posted about Drank, a newish herbal elixir flavored sugar water out on the market that has made an interesting marketing choice by riffing off of the practice of drinking codeine syrup mixed with purple soda (known as "purple drank," among other nicknames) to get effed up and occasionally die. (Read more about it here.) Purple drank, and thus Drank, is closely associated with the hiphop scene in the South, especially Houston, and while they are considering distribution in the Portland area, you currently can't buy it in stores around here. However, although an inquiry I sent to the company went unanswered, they recently caught wind of the Blogtown post and offered me a sample of the product, which arrived in the mail the other day. I have not cracked into it yet, but I have two tallboys of the stuff sitting in the staff fridge. I want to taste it myself, so I'm keeping one, but I thought I'd give other curious Blogtownies a crack at the other one. It seems most appropriate to settle this with a battle of wits. Thus, interested parties should write a rap verse mentioning Drank, purple drank, DJ Screw, having one's roll slowed, or some combination, in the comments. Feel free to use the weekend, as I will pick out my fave by 5 pm Monday, and then you shall have your prize. Proceed.