Not only is World's Greatest Ghosts a local band who leave a vaguely Devo-esque aftertaste (and who happen to be opening tonight's Parenthetical Girls show at Backspace), but their name begs the perfect question for slumber parties and bad speed-dating rounds alike: just who is the world's greatest ghost?

Is it Abraham Lincoln, who has an impressive real-world resume and is said to hang around the White House? Especially when there's a Roosevelt in office.

Is it Casper, whose brand-saviness and people skills have certainly made him the most lucratively licensed apparition?

My vote goes to the internationally feared "White Lady," whose banshee scream indicates someone near you is about to expire—or your blogging time is up and it's back to calendar entry.

Any other suggestions from the haunted out there?


World's Greatest Ghosts - "Sleepwalkers"

w/ Parenthetical Girls and No Kids, at Backspace, 115 NW 5th, 9 p.m.