Who's that on the left?

This morning (or afternoon, for all you normal sleepers) I was flipping through the Arts section of the NY Times and as always, trying and failing to get some tangible coffee buzz (it is impossible without four straight shots, which dries out my insides unbearably). I saw a picture of the singer/guitarist Kip Berman, frontman for blog-band-of-the-moment and insufferably-long-emo-named The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart.

I said to myself, "self, where do you know that name/face? Is that dude from Portland... did he play in a bunch of bands here (was Jackie one of 'em)? Did he write for the Mercury?

Sure as hell did. Check out an an archive of Berman's stories here. Or, if reading's not your thing, you can listen to the Pains of Being Pure here, which to me is like the musical equivalent of those dusty little candy hearts with inscriptions like "I LUV U" that show up on Valentines day.

If you like, you can check out someone else's writing on Berman in the NY Times review.