Portugal. The Man—friend to rock and roll, enemy to proper punctuation—has announced the details of their latest recording, the devilishly titled The Satanic Satanist. (Is that title a challenge to Lackthereof's Christian The Christian album?)

Splitting time between Portland and Palin (Wasilla, Alaska, to be exact), the band will be self-releasing Satanist via their Approaching AIRBallons imprint on July 21st. Let's see what the press release has to say:

An album chockfull of standouts, The Satanic Satanist's lead-off track, "People Say," finds [John] Gourley speaking out against the human cost of war, "Lovers in Love" sees the band working the groove like Isaac Hayes or Curtis Mayfield in their blaxploitation days, while "Work All Day" could pass for ?uestlove slowing down the beat to "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise)."

That sounds terrible... if it was for any band other than Portugal. The Man.

I'll never fully understand how PT.M can effortless toss in so many haphazard ideas into a single song—layered vocal loops, samples, drugged out jams straight from the Santana school of guitar wizardly and psychedelic drugs—and get away with it. But now that the band clearly has the devil on their side, that explains a lot. No local shows are planned as of yet, but the band will be playing Bonnaroo, just in case you find yourself in Manchester, Tennessee.