Above image encapsulates tonight's show quite well

This isn't going to be too well thought out (but hey, when are blog posts? HAH!). Lot's of shit to cover here, and little time to do it, but hell, better to gloss over than to do nothing, right?

Busy Friday. Difficult decisions to make as per how to spend it but I can help. I've got a night planned whereas you can't loose:

First things first, the Blazers are likely to get whooped by the Lakers. Don't invest too heavily in another whooping a la March 9th or your night will suffer. You can't let that happen because there are TWO very awesome shows tonight, and thankfully you don't have to decide on a single one.

EARLY: Budos Band @ Mississippi Studios.

Kind of like a grittier Antibalas, but more of the Americas, less Afro. Or we can let Ned describe:

What does it say about the current state of music that one of the finest soul bands working today sounds exactly like the soundtrack to an exploitation flick from the '70s? The Budos Band, part of the Daptone Records family of retro-soul revivalists, aren't doing a single thing new in their instrumental jams, and thank god for that. The large ensemble flirts with funk and Afro-beat, but their thick, swampy sound remains lost in time. Minimal grooves are given plenty of room to breathe, and a frontline of trumpets and saxophones clear the path while space organ vamps and wah-wah guitar chitters overhead. It's some of the best and leanest instrumental soul-funk since the early days of the Meters—not bad for a bunch of white dudes from Staten Island. NL

That one starts at seven. Then there's the totally awesome Yeti Fest.

LATE: Wooden Shjips, Waaves, Eat Skull and more @ Holocene

Wooden Shjips, "Shrinking Moon for You"

This one is a psychedelic garage monster with trash can hands, a shag carpet mane and cigarette butt teeth, coughing pot smoke and rolling around on Robitussin. Something like that...

I've proven to myself I'm no good at sports betting, but on the music side I've come out a bit better. And tonight, here's my line: Wooden Shjips prove more robust live than the over-hyped, under-cooked blog sensation Waaves. The repeato-psych Shjips, from SF, have some radical records and, if allowed proper room to stretch out, hold the possibility of blasting into swirling drone trips, perhaps in the vein of early Spaceman 3. That's what I'm holding out for, anyway.


YETI, curators of tonight's fine lineup, is a marvelous magazine. Support them by showing up. Dig the music, buy a copy and you'll be sure to discover more.

More on this later, but now is an especially crucial time to support independent publications like Yeti, as word just came out that the most recent issue of Skyscraper Magazine will be its last (full disclosure: I am a contributor). Skyscraper will continue in an online-only format, but being widely-distributed in print, I'd say, was their leg up. Second gambling related prognostication: Skyscraper's chance of being killed (further) by glut of blogs: 7/1.