Congratulations go out to the junkyard folksters from the Builders and the Butchers who have just signed a record deal with New York label (and home to the Walkmen), Gigantic Music. Their second full-length is Salvation Is A Deep Dark Well, and the Chris Funk produced album shall hit store shelves on June 30th. We'll post an MP3 once we get our paws on one...

What's that? You like reading track listings? Okay, whatever.
1. Golden And Green
2. Devil Town
3. Short Way Home
4. Barcelona
5. Hands Like Roots
6. Down In This Hole
7. Raise Up Your Weary Hands
8. Vampire Lake
9. The Wind Has Come
10. In The Branches
11. The World Is A Top

Vampire Lake? I've actually vacationed there before. Boy, it sure does bite. OhmygodI'mfuckinghilarious!

Photo: Mel Brown