After six years on trial and a lifetime of craziness, legendary music producer Phil Spector has been convicted of murder and is going to jail for at least eighteen years.

Let the puns begin! (see my headline)


Does it blow your mind that the man whose production techniques created the musical landscape of the modern era —via the "Wall of Sound" that laid the foundation for pop music and has influenced pretty much every band ever — is also pretty much a lunatic?

Or does it come as no surprise? There's that thing they say about the thin line between genius/madness, but Phil Spector's story strikes me as so inextricably American that it demands a close look. A millionaire by age 23, the person behind the musical aesthetics that defined generations and some of the most popular songs in the freakin' world— also a wife-beater, gun-waving thug and murderer of a cocktail waitress in his Hollywood mansion.

Guess we're back to a world without Phil Spector:

(This is the original version of "Let it Be"— the album version was uber-orchestrated by Spector to much controversy).

We can only hope to hear what kind of hot tracks he puts together in the pen.

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