In honor of Record Store Day, mayor Sam Adams will be manning the decks and playing the role of DJ for one night only (peep the flyer right here). The problem is, DJ Sam is a terrible DJ name. So the mayor is going to need a new moniker, and this is where you come in:

Help Sam Adams with his new DJ name*

Here are our suggestions:
DJ John Mayor
DJ BAM! Adams
DJ May Or May Not Have
DJ City Ballin'

Got a suggestion? Comment below and maybe—just maybe—the mayor will use your name when he gets behind the turntables and spins his favorite records.

*Attention RecallSamAdams trolls. I know you're champing at the bit to comment with some Beau-related zingers here, but you can just stop right now. Unless it's a great DJ name, we don't want to hear it.