A few things that've piled up (and likely, a few others since been forgotten). I'd rather be So Fresh and So Clean:

- Back in February I shared a phenomenal song by the Harlem Shakes. Another has infested my brainwaves. It's called "Carpetbaggers," from the band's 2007 self-released EP, Burning Birthdays:

And it seems the band is finally making their way out west. They'll be in PDX next month, May 24th at the Wonder Ballroom w/ Passion Pit.

- In addition to the in honor of Record Store Day, Kill Rock Stars is in on the action with a limited edition split 7" featuring the Thermals and Thao Nguyen, who is just everywhere these days. Only a precious few will be available via mail-order, so the best bet for fans and vinyl collectors is to This Day.

- I dreamt last night I was at small venue, waiting for Outkast (of course I woke up before they took stage). It got me thinking: they are one of the few acts in this world I've wanted to see and haven't gotten the opportunity. Otherwise I've been quite fortunate.

What about you? Who are you itching to see live? Let's hear it (you can bet local promoters read End Hits, and maybe you'll light a fire...)