photo by Jade Harris

We love house shows as much as anybody, but sometimes we get frustrated when we can't list 'em in the paper. Like tonight's Paper Brain CD release show—it's not taking place at a bar. If it were, we would have hyped the shirt outta it. Instead, it's taking place at someone's house.

So we kept mum. Which is a bit of a pity, because Paper Brain's new record Ain't Nobody Cares is a total pleasure, with laidback pop gems that have acoustic guitar leading the way, and singer Mike Wroblewski not afraid to veer into occasional falsetto. So you know what, End Hits readers? It's Friday. The weather is finally threatening to stay nice. The Paper Brain record is damn good. So the cat's out of the bag on this one. We're not gonna tell you where the Paper Brain show is, but we're pretty sure you can figure it out on your own without too much mouse clicking or scrolling down. 'Kay? You're not gonna want to miss it—Rainy States, Swim Swam Swum, and Patterns are also on board.


Paper Brain - "OMT"