I remember the first time I heard about Joe Meek, the mad scientist behind early '60s novelty hit "Telstar". Appropriately, it was in my best friend's kitchen-turned-recording studio, and the lurid tale of drug addiction, murder/suicide, and DIY electronics scared the hell out of me.

Later this month, Meek's bizarre, tragic story (think Phil Spector, with slightly less ridiculous hair... and no Let It Be massacre) comes to British screens in the unimaginatively titled Telstar (hereby referred to as Pompadour of Lust, which gets my vote as the alternate title if it hits the American market). The biopic is seven years in the making, is directed by Brit actor Nick Moran, and stars Kevin Spacey as Meek's associate Major Banks.

I sure hope Pompadour of Lust gets picked up by a company in the States who, come awards season, can push the movie toward Oscar gold. If for no other reason, I want to see the Academy Awards telecast incorporate Meek's true masterpiece, "I Hear A New World," in its annual medley of nominated songs—right alongside Celine Dion and Counting Crows.

Check out the song below the trailer:


"I Hear A New World" - Joe Meek & The Blue Men (1960)