Doesn't an album of live tracks from a plethora of local bands playing shows in various local venues sound like a good idea?
78ae/1240434641-tape.jpgGood thing our friends from the excellent group Nucular Aminals came up with it. In a delightful innovation in the eternally challenging endeavor of spreading the word and getting heard, the Aminals are launching an effort to assemble live recordings from shows about town in a compilation album that showcases the music being made in Portland, straight from the source.

Here's Robert from the band in his own words:

So we want to record the bands we love via Minidisc and so far I have about 30 on my list. Once we are done recording all of the shows I will put them into Protools and try to make them sound as good as they can. After that I am going to give a few copies to each band so that they can duplicate them themselves with whatever artwork they choose for the CD. I will include an insert that shares the contact info of each band, song title, label that they are on, the venue that they performed in, and the band name. We are planning on recording the CDs on cassettes as well, but only about 30 for now. These will be for sale or to give away (whatever the band wants to do) to promote other bands in the Northwest so that it will be easier for bands to set up tours and help develop a larger fan base.
I love this idea as a tribute to this particular time and place on the musical landscape, as well as a project that combines the joys of a comp release with added resources for both bands and fans. Yet it will also surely require a lot of work, which Robert and crew seem willing to take on with no desire for compensation other than a rad finished project. That's what I call a labor of love.

Nevertheless, I'm sure that coordination and enthusiasm for the project would help out tremendously. Hit up Nucular Aminals on their Myspace for info or ideas. Thanks for making this happen, guys. I can't wait to listen.