Black Lips play tonight at Berbati's, and while I wouldn't expect any mouth-peeing, you can count on some fun garage trash. Don't forget that the after-party at East End! Members of the Black Lips will be hitting the turntables and performing a DJ set.

What's more, the Intelligence will also be playing at East End tonight as part of the after-party. Their new album, Fake Surfers contains a song that's clearly directed at a Portland band. The song is called "Fuck Eat Skull," and it's apparently a response to an Eat Skull song called "No Intelligence." Damn! Shit is on!


The Intelligence - "Fuck Eat Skull"

Check out the complete rundown of the "feud"—which appears to be more in good fun than anything else—at DJ Rick's excellent Art for Spastics blog that accompanies his radio show.... Although I have to say I don't remember the Mercury making a point of championing the "shitgaze" genre.

TONIGHT! The Black Lips DJ set w/the Intelligence and the Blimp; East End, 203 SE Grand, FREE