Tonight at the Doug Fir opening for local songwriter Chris Robley are two excellent touring acts. The first is Wye Oak, a duo from Baltimore who amass an impressively layered sound with their two pieces. Sophomore album The Knot doesn't come out until July, but they'll likely be playing songs, hopefully including "Mary Is Mary," an eight minute song that's been described as "harrowing," or the gentle "Take It In," which is now playing on their MySpace page.

The other band on the bill is Pomegranates (pictured above), a band from Cincinnati who've just released Everybody Come Outside and who incorporate the twinkly African-sounding electric guitar that's the current sound in favor with guitar-based indie bands. The album moves from peak to peak with gently catchy songs, and the band's melodicism is undeniable in every tune.


Pomegranates - "Corriander"

Doug Fir, 830 E Burnside, 9 pm, $8