c54b/1241127083-wowandflutter.jpgThere's no shortage of things to do tonight, including the Make it Pop! fundraiser for PDX Pop Now, the Ghost show at the Doug Fir, Tara Jane O'Neil + surprise guests at the Fontanelle Gallery, and some group called the Trailb Lazers are playing an arena show which you can watch on TV—funny, I've never heard the Trailb Lazers' music, and they played the biggest venue in town just a couple days ago. Must be a brand new thing the kids are listening to on Radio Disney or something.

But if it's Lazers you want—or, should I say, LASERS—look no further than Wow & Flutter's show tonight at the Know on NE Alberta, which coincidentally will be part of Alberta's Last Thursday. From the group's press release:

After years of being unjustly snubbed and overlooked by OMSI, Wow & Flutter have seen fit to create their own LASER WOW & FLUTTER show. In an effort to blind as well as deafen their audience, the band will employ a weapons-grade laser in a retina-melting light show for their performance at The Know (2026 NE Alberta) on Thursday, April 30.

It's time for "the little guy" to stand up against Big Laser. Like Pearl Jam Vs. Ticketmaster or Radiohead Vs. The Record Industry, Wow & Flutter Vs. OMSI is another nail in the coffin of corporate-owned entertainment and another triumph of DIY spirit.

This statement actually caused one Mercury staffer to wonder if Wow & Flutter were actually suing OMSI. (They're not. They're really not.) But if you want to see Wow & Flutter tell OMSI to suck it, don't miss this show. And let's admit it: Lasers are cool, and make cool things cooler. Ever since catching Laser Genesis at age 9, it has been my steadfast belief that there is no music on earth that cannot be improved without primitive, scrawled lines of light moving somewhat in time to the music. Meanwhile, here's a song from Wow & Flutter's criminally slept-on Golden Touch album from last year; no lasers here, but you can just imagine.


Wow & Flutter - "Car Crash"

w/Yeltsin; The Know, 2026 NE Alberta, 8 pm, $5