Normally I use this soapbox to warn performers that they better not come through town—it does not work—but now I'm using my powers for good:

Os Mutantes, Please Come to Portland

One of the greatest bands of all time (I'll burn down your house if you disagree with me), Os Mutantes have performed sporadically over the past few years, following their initial disintegration about 30 years back. The closest they came to Portland was in 2006, when they played a solo show in Seattle, and alongside the Flaming Lips in California. I was actually at their Los Angeles show, and while the band's sound was a bit different than what I imagined they were like in São Paulo circa 1966, they had a magnificent presence and still felt tremendously relevant. This morning it was announced that Os Mutantes would be at this year's Bumbershoot festival in Seattle, which means they damn well better perform in Portland as well.

So here is my desperate plea to any local promoter who will pony up the reais to get Os Mutantes onstage in Portland this summer. You do that, I promise tons of glowing press, or a piggyback ride around town. (Please take the press option, my knee can't handle another human on my back. Trust me.)

And now for one of my favorite songs ever...


Os Mutantes - "Baby" (1971)