The last time the Crocodiles played town, it was to a deserted East End. (Well, there might have been a dozen people there, but I'd wager only half of that crowd was watching the band.) Their previous stop, at the Tube, featured even less of a draw. I'm going to guess that tonight will be just a wee bit better than their previous Portland outings.

The San Diego art-rock duo are performing this evening at the Roseland, opening for both Ladytron and the Faint. It's a nice rise for a relatively new band, and you can chalk it up to their stellar debut, Summer of Hate, which came out on Fat Possum a few weeks back. Somewhere between the guitar fuzz of Jesus and Mary Chain and the early stark electronic work of Alan Vega and Martin Rev, Summer of Hate travels down familiar musical paths, yet etches out a sound/style entirely their own.