Jon Pareles' piece in today's Times does nothing to shed light on why this band matters. The main idea seems to be because Green Day now take themselves more seriously, we must do so too. Regardless of the fact they're capable of spewing this tripe:

It’s not an agitprop, sloganeering album. “21st Century Breakdown” poses more questions than answers, from its supercharged first single, “Know Your Enemy,” which asks, “Do you know your enemy?” to its surging finale, “See the Light,” which finds no triumph or resolution. “I just want to see the light,” Billie Joe Armstrong — Green Day’s singer, guitarist and main lyricist — insists over ringing power chords. “I need to know what’s worth the fight.”

An later on:

Instead of celebration, “21st Century Breakdown” calls for continued defiance. The first single from “21st Century Breakdown” is “Know Your Enemy,” a blast of power chords and jackbooted drumbeats that has already been embraced by rock radio stations. “It’s the enemy within yourself, trying not to become too complacent, trying to rally yourself,” Mr. Armstrong said. The song insists, “Silence is the enemy” and concludes, “Gimme revolution.”

“You think about a song, like dream songs that you want to write: a song like ‘Break On Through’ by the Doors, or, like, ‘Street Fighting Man,’ or, like, ‘Revolution,’ or ‘Fight the Power,’ ” Mr. Armstrong said. “It’s something where you write the soundtrack to the chaos. And you write the soundtrack to some kind of revolt.”

Gag me with a can of Bed Head.