In honor of last month's Record Store Day, or just because everyone enjoys making a list, the folks at Spin have voted and Portland's own Music Millennium is now the ninth best record store in the country.

3158 & 3144 E. Burnside, Portland, Oregon
Why It Rocks: A 1969 opening date makes Music Millennium the oldest record store in the Pacific Northwest, and they've proven their wisdom over the years with an inventory (now including sizable selections of DVDs and other non-music ephemera) that has grown almost as fast as their importance as a community staple. The original house where the shop was founded has expanded into an adjacent wing with a Classical Annex, making it one of the few stores that's both charmingly ramshackle and agreeably freshfaced.

Fans Say: "Holy moly, I love Music Millenium! It's the way a record store should be: It's wonderfully curated, and the Burnside location is seasoned, cozy, with a modest but inviting and comprehensive vinyl collection (you have to climb up a shitty, narrow stairwell to get where the vinyl is, but who cares?) and a superbonkers CD selection. It's an essential part of the PDX music community, for sure." — Joan Hiller (publicist, Riot Act Media)

Yay, you're number nine, enjoy this participation trophy and hearty pat on the back.

So what stores topped Terry Currier's long-running NE location? Grimey's, Aquarius Records, Ear X-tacy, Sonic Boom, Wax 'N Facts, Other Music, Waterloo, and (of course) Amoeba. I've been to most of those stores and Music Millennium is superior, with the obvious exceptions of Waterloo, Aquarius, and Amoeba. Other Music? Please. I think this video explains everything. ("I once lent Stephen Malkmus some saline solution when his contacts dried out.")