My, there's a lot going on tonight: there's the second of two Shins shows at the Crystal (if you're going, openers Delta Spirit are definitely worth catching), there's Word to Your Mother at the Bagdad with Loch Lomond, there's Destroyer at Mississippi Studios, and the Faces' Ian McLagan at the White Eagle. Not to mention all the First Thursday stuff including Church at the Tender Loving Empire Store and Dirty Mittens at the Spectre office. In fact, there's so much that we couldn't fit it all in the paper—tonight's fantastic triple bill at the Doug Fir escaped us entirely.

I'm not quite sure how that happened, considering both Damien Jurado and Laura Gibson (pictured above) are two of our very favorite performers. Maybe we assumed that you already know how wonderful they both are, how Seattle minstrel Jurado has released a plethora of moving songs on a series of EPs and full-lengths. Maybe we figured that you already adore Laura Gibson as much as we do, and that her second album Beasts of Seasons is a thoughtful, emotional work that by one of the brightest songwriting talents in not just Portland, but anywhere, a record that challenges even as it comforts its listeners. Maybe we figured all that went without saying.

But odds are you may not know about tonight's opener, Leonard Mynx, and how he is a songwriter you're going to want to pay close attention to. His breathtaking new album Vesper features the talents of many superb Portland musicians, and celebrates its release at a show on May 24 at Mississippi Studios. Tonight at the Doug Fir you'll be able to hear some of his expert, delicate, acoustic songs, one which darkly weave together stories in the finest troubadour tradition. Take a listen.

Leonard Mynx - "Valley of Sickness and Death"