Hot diggity. We're joyfully departing with a pair of tickets to see Obits perform at the Doug Fir this Sunday, May 17th. The latest project from the always reliable Rick Froberg—the man behind Drive Like Jehu and Hot Snakes—is freshly inked to Sub Pop and touring in support of their debut recording, I Blame You. What does it sound like? It sounds exactly like what you'd expect from Froberg: Jagged guitars, rigid post-punk structure, and the best vocal snarl since Iggy took a trip to the Fun House.

It's contest time! To win this pair of tickets, just comment below on why you deserve to attend this show for free. The top comment—by tomorrow (Thursday) at noon—wins the tickets, plus a free beer from yours truly*. Good luck.


The Obits - "Widow Of My Dreams"

Photo by Jim Herrington

* You have to find me first. And—just a warning—I'll be coming from the Manchester Orchestra show, so I'll probably be a bit emotional. That beer might taste like my tears. Ewww.