I hate to have to do this, but TWO of Portland's most venerable non-profit sonic enablers are having fundraisers tonight. Instead of choosing, perhaps you could do both? Half it? (And why, I've always wondered, don't more tax-deductible fundraisers take place RIGHT before tax time as to minimize the financial impact, or at least appear to?)

Event A: KBOO's No Fest @ Backspace

Cexfucx, Irma Vep, Spiro Spero, Teeath, all for just five bucks. Support Portland's ONLY decent radio station, an institution for goddsakes. And still kicking ass after all these years. Last night I heard a fabulous old-school punk show playing classic hardcore tunes from Autistic Youth, GG Allin and the like. This afternoon is was Allen Ginsberg reading "Howl" in its entirety. Now that's public radio with teeth!

Tonight from 7:00PM to midnight KBOO (90.7FM) is also celebrating Stevie Wonder's birthday, a tradition of theirs. And that certainly can't be bad.

Event 1A: Karaoke for PDX Pop!

On Thursday, May 14, beginning at 6pm Voicebox Karaoke Lounge will be charging a reduced $8 cover to sing to your heart’s content, and every penny of that money will go to PDX Pop Now! to help make the festival, compilation, outreach shows and everything else you value about the all-volunteer local music organization possible. See you there, along with a bunch of other musicians, fans and organizers from the best darn music community in the country.

Pop Night at Voicebox Karaoke Lounge
Thursday, May 14
2112 NW Hoyt

Voicebox is super fun by the way... The way all Karaoke should be—less waiting for you name to be called, more singing/making a fool of one's self. (I remember a game of Scareaoke when I forced Ezra to sing Pearl Jam's "Jeremy." Yeeeek.

There's also a pretty wicked show happening tonight aside from the fundraisers, but since they're necessary, we'll just leave it at that.