Over the past year the Magic Wands duo has circled the globe, touring alongside the likes of The Raconteurs, The Black Kids, The Breeders, and plenty more bands with "The" in their name. Now traveling in support of their forthcoming EP, Magic Love & Dreams (out next month), the band is performing with The Kills and The Horrors on May 17th at the Wonder Ballroom, and we want to give you a pair of tickets.

Let's have a listen, shall we?


Magic Wands - "Black Magic"

Speaking of magic wands, it's time I order the new "The Headmistress" model. Anyone got $66 I can borrow?

Anyway, to win the tickets just comment below on why you think you deserve them. The best comment by tomorrow (that would be Friday) at noon wins their way into the show (with a guest). Good luck, 'lil wizards.