"What was your favorite show at South by Southwest?" I asked this of my haggard-looking buddy after he returned from the annual music festival. He thought a moment, then said definitively: Theresa Andersson.

He went on to describe her this way:
"I was on my tenth beer, third hour of sleep and second-half-a-joint when I pushed into the room just before she came on. Wow. I've never seen or heard anything like her. It made me feel as if angels had cracked open my chest, like a cellar door and were flying out by the hundreds."

Multi-instrumentalist and singer Theresa Anderson is a Swede from New Orleans. Like that city's famous Gumbo, she's a mash-up of many different things. You might file her in the category of Amy Winehouse, Duffy, or Adele—a young, modern woman who's creating an old sound in a new way. But one of the things that makes her unique is that she plays all the instruments herself, even while onstage. Through the use of modern looping pedals, Andersson is a one-woman-show, jumping around on stage, switching instruments, and triggering up to 10 looping effects with her feet. She even plays her own drums.

Keep an eye on the fancy footwork:

Theresa Andersson plays an early show tonight at Mississippi Studios | photo: Miranda Penn Turin