Youth Group - "Two Sides"

Australia's Youth Group make mainstream, forthright pop songs that evoke late-'80s Britain, with frontman Toby Martin alternating between the austere croon of Morrissey and the unclouded optimism of James' Tim Booth. Youth Group's latest, The Night Is Ours, contains several perfect pop moments, including the bittersweet "All This Will Pass" and the anthemic "Two Sides" (video above). Like he did with another band performing tonight (Telekinesis), Chris Walla of Death Cab for Cutie contributes to the record, and fans of his band's unabashed melodies and skyscraper-high production will find much to love in Youth Group, who know full well the therapeutic properties of thoughtful lyrics paired with catchy hooks. Their straightforward, curative songs may not change your life outright, but they will definitely make it a better one.

w/Hypatia Lake, Highway; East End, 203 SE Grand, 9 pm