Saturday was a night I will never get back. I wish I had more to tell you about the three excellent bands that performed at Berbati's; sadly, the day's sun and booze got the best of me, and my recollections of the show are rather hazy.


The Dexter Romweber Duo, not at Berbati's

Good thing my friend was there to remind me how great it was the next day. He confirmed my blurry vision of the Detroit Cobras as having rocked the house, with Rachel Nagy delivering her trademark rollicking vocals and a rad lady bass player bouncing around in flannel. They played a nice long set that concluded perfectly with the excellent "I Want to Holler (But the Town is Too Small)."

An unanticipated treat of the night, as my friend helped me to remember, was openers the Dexter Romweber Trio. Neither of us had heard of the group before, but my friend, who is usually somewhat hoity-toity about music (he calls me a teenybopper), had this to say after seeing them perform: "No pretensions or shit—that blew me away."

So once sober, I researched the fellow and learned from his website that he is hailed as "nothing less than an icon of the American music underground." Performing since 1990 and collaborating with rock 'n' roll legends from across the board, his unique brand of rockabilly punk is cited as Jack White's main influence, and his latest release, Ruins in Berlin, features duets with both Cat Power and Neko Case. The current duo consists of Rex and his very talented sister Sara on drums.

Well damn! I wish I'd known about these guys beforehand, and/or had the presence of mind to fully enjoy it. Next time they come through I'll be sure to catch them—and I'll do my best to be more sober*.

*No guarantees.

Dex Romweber Duo - "It's Too Late"