On this beautiful almost-summer evening, what better activity could you pursue than the enjoyment of some mighty fine local bands at the beautifully refurbished Mississippi Studios?

Scant few, I daresay.


Jim Fairchild of All Smiles, incidentally NOT smiling, at all

Tonight, multiple local talents will converge in the form of All Smiles, a group fronted by Jim Fairchild (formerly of Modest Mouse and Grandaddy) and featuring the likes of Menomena's Danny Seim. With the depth of their collective prowess it's no surprise that they music they make is dense, unpredictable and rewarding.

Joining All Smiles is the ever-lovely Dirty Mittens, who are known for their delectable pop performance. Frontwoman Chelsea Morrissey has traded in her lead guitar duties to spend more time serenading the crowd in a Sharon Jones soulsinger style, with Ben Hubbird of The Morals picking up the slack on the strings.

Here's a taste of what you can expect tonight, via the Mittens' featured track on the just-announced PDX Pop Now 2009 comp—a song that lends itself to an extended, multi-chorus, crowd participatory live performance:

Dirty Mittens—The Dock

Dent May, All Smiles, Dirty Mittens at Mississippi Studios, 3939 N Mississippi. 9 PM, $10