Look what arrived at the office today:


It's what may be the most eagerly anticipated album of the year: the Dirty Projectors' Bitte Orca... on cassette.

Hell yeah!

I imagine it's meant to look like cassettes from the '80s, complete with black box filler under the square album cover. Under the tracklist, it even says "see label for sequence." (Remember that?) People talk about the sound quality and artwork of vinyl, but I for one miss the smell of a new cassette. It's a combo of ink and mechanics, kind of indescribable. This is probably the first new cassette I've laid eyes on in a decade. Brings back the memories of jamming those puppies in the slot in my friend's 1988 Honda Accord many years ago.

Of course, it goes without saying that Bitte Orca is already on the fast track to becoming album of the year. Inventive and seductive, it's a clearheaded synthesis of the experimentation Dirty Projectors have done over the past few years. It was chiefly recorded right here in Portland, as a matter of fact, and while Dirty Projectors just played the Roseland opening for TV on the Radio, they'll be back to headline Holocene on July 4. Bitte Orca comes out June 9 on CD and, presumably, cassette.

Now. Does anyone have a 1988 Honda Accord I can borrow?