Hot diggity! The very cool Lost Gospel series is back. The last time we heard from them, they were taking Horse Feathers to visit the police horses (never trust a cop, even those from the Equidae family), and now this interactive concert series is raiding the castle. The Canterbury Castle, to be exact.

This Sunday afternoon Loch Lomond will perform at the Canterbury Castle, which is currently being torn down. Jeez, who tears down castles? Marauding Vikings? Anyway, meet at the Washington Park tennis courts (SW Fairview) at 1:30pm. From there you will "follow a path of arrows to the castle while being read a fairy tale." Seriously. At 2pm Loch Lomond will perform. At 3pm we'll all go swimming in the moat.

What? There's no moat?

Fuck it, I'll be at Medieval Times.