There's a ton of shows to see this weekend, but don't forget about Pop Rocks 3, a "bite sized pop rock mini festival" at the Someday Lounge on Saturday night. Bands like Fast Computers, the Mint Chicks, Umber Sleeping, and Massive Moth will take the stage, but the evening also celebrates the record release of a brand new split 7-inch single from Portland's Vanishing Kids. It's on sweet blue vinyl, and the A-side is a track called "Mother Earth," while the B-side is "Outside" from San Francisco's Street Pyramids, whose ranks include Travis Marks, one-time bassist for Vanishing Kids.

It's a really great single; both bands deliver excellent tunes that show them at the peak of their form. Vanishing Kid's "Mother Earth" begins with a placidly low-tech keyboard, with swooping, whispered vocals, then transforms into a 3/4 psychedelic waltz with skittering guitars and martial drums. It's a baroque, lurching, magnificent pop song. On the flipside, Street Pyramids show a bit more restraint with "Outside," a muted groove with watery guitars that evoke some of Talking Heads' less frantic moments. When the drumbeat stops, the momentum builds and things get bright, then the beat kicks back in and the sunglasses are back on. It's a solid groove, a laidback song that's perfect for cruising on a neon-hot summer night.

It's an excellent 7-inch, the best split in recent memory I can think of. Right now you can listen to "Mother Earth" on Vanishing Kids' MySpace page, and to "Outside" on Street Pyramids' MySpace page. Then, go to Someday Lounge this Saturday and buy the 7-inch! After tomorrow's show, Vanishing Kids embark on a two-week tour, so wish them well.

Someday Lounge, 125 NW 5th, Sat June 6, 8 pm, $8