Before I talk Bat for Lashes, I'd like to address the gentleman in the crowd who screamed, between songs, "you are really good at music" to frontwoman Natasha Khan. Thank you, sir. Your loud comment was far better than any yelped song request, the obligatory "whooooo," or whatever people yell at artists while on stage. It was sincere, absolutely stupid, and sort of the concert equivalent of this. Seriously, thank you.


As for Khan and her revamped Bat for Lashes crew (Ben Christophers, Charlotte Hatherley, Sarah Jones), they were quite spectacular. On a dark stage awash with tinsel (it looked exactly like the backdrop of the Enchantment Under The Sea dance), Khan and company performed nearly her entire catalog, leaning heavily on her slower, piano-based, material. Sharing a keyboard bench alongside Hatherley (just like Archie and Edith), Khan seemed relaxed, if not a bit timid, as she belted out songs in a voice so refined and crisp it initially sounded like she was supported by backing tracks (she wasn't). A pair of encores later, the band closed up with Two Suns' most upbeat moment, the disco-pop of single, "Daniel."

Now to just kill time before that Wonder Ballroom show...

All photos by the excellent Minh Tran.
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