The good news?
The Remains are performing a very rare Portland show.
The bad news?
That kitten in the photo is most certainly dead by now.

Jackpot Records is responsible for bringing together '60s teen-rock legends The Remains—along with The New Dawn—for the rarest of shows on September 11th (never forget!) at Berbati's Pan.

Other than posing with adorable kittens, The Remains were a tragically slept-upon Boston rock act that might be best known for touring the States alongside a group of lads with funny haircuts from Liverpool called The Beatles. I know, they did have funny haircuts. This performance will be The Remains' only Portland show ever, and their first in the Pacific NW since August 25th, 1966, when they performed in Seattle with John/Ringo/George/Paul.

Meanwhile the Willamina, Oregon act The New Dawn recently had their fuzz-pop masterwork, There’s A New Dawn reissued by Jackpot. This show will mark their first ever performance of There’s A New Dawn from start to finish.

No word if that band from Liverpool will also reunite for this show, but I'll go on the record and say that they definitely will. (Now where is my shovel? I have a couple graves to visit, and I might as well dig up Billy Preston while I'm at it...)


The Remains - "Don't Look Back"